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Schedule Adjustment Request

The SSHS master schedule is built in the spring of each school year based on student course requests. Administrators have advised Counselors to not change student’s class periods, off periods, or make teacher changes, as we strive to balance class sizes. Classes will not be overloaded to make a schedule change.

Examples of schedule adjustments that counselors will honor:

  • Missing credits: A schedule that does not include enough credits (all students must be enrolled in a minimum of 7 classes each semester with the exception of Seniors who are permitted to be enrolled in a minimum of 6 classes first semester and 5 classes second semester).
  • Missing core classes: A schedule that does not include (Math, Science, English, Social Studies).
  • Level placement: student was placed in an incorrect class (e.g., a student who has not yet passed Integrated Math 1 is placed in Integrated Math 2).
  • Graduation Requirement: A schedule that does not include a course required for graduation (applies to seniors).
  • Off campus course: Courses taken at CMC or another school campus
  • Failed class: student failed course and needs to repeat a course or take credit recovery.

Schedules will not be adjusted for the following reasons:

  • Requests for specific off periods
  • Teacher changes
  • Requests for a current class to be moved to a different period
  • Different electives
  • Students wanting to add 0 hour

Schedule adjustment form

Counselors will not be making appointments for schedule repairs, students must complete the schedule repair form. Students are only permitted to submit the schedule repair form one time, so be thoughtful and plan carefully. The link will be live Tuesday morning, May 30th at 8:15am until June 1st at 4pm. Since you can only submit one form, we want you to have time over the weekend to review your schedule and consider what you need.
Add/Drop dates: August 22-25, 2023 and January 9-12, 2024 8am - 3:30pm (no schedule changes from 12:30pm-1:30pm).

Students can meet with counselors for schedule adjustments in their course plan (ICAP). Counselors have been instructed not to change classes unless it coincides with the outlined reasons stated above.

Counselors will not be making appointments for add/drop; it is on a first come, first serve basis (please note that wait times may be long and students should follow the schedule repair guidelines). Students are to attend their classes each period and will not be excused from class to add/drop a class.

Additional fall dates to remember:
August 26 - Dropping classes with “W” - Students may drop a class with a “W” withdrawal on the transcript as long as they do not need to add a class to replace the class being dropped (juniors, sophomores and freshman). Students must remain in full time status to drop a class. Dropping with a “W” will not affect a student’s GPA.

September 22 - Dropping classes with “WF”: Dropping a class after September 29th will result in dropping the class with a “WF” withdrawal failing on the student transcript. A "WF” is the same as failing the course. Students can make up the course by repeating it or through credit recovery. Students need to remain in full time status to drop a class. Dropping a class with a “WF” will affect the student’s GPA and may affect athletic eligibility.

November 17 - Deadline to drop classes: Students will not be permitted to drop classes after this date and are encouraged to finish the semester strong in the course and earn the highest grade they can. Students should meet with their counselor to discuss a plan and the best option for the second semester for student success and learning outcomes.

**December 8 - Fall online courses need to be completed by: In order to transcribe your grades before the end of the semester, students enrolled in an online course must turn in their final grade for the course by the specific semester deadline.

Additional spring dates to remember:
Schedule Adjustments - January 9-12
Dropping classes with a “W” - January 15
Dropping classes with “WF” - February 9
Deadline to drop classes: May 3

**Spring Online courses must be completed by: May 10

*Deadlines for dropping Concurrent Enrollment classes through CMC may be different than the ones listed above. Students need to discuss with their counselor and the CEPA coordinator specific deadlines for CMC.

** Starting in the 2023 school year, SSHS will be transitioning to the BYU Online program for online courses and credit recovery. Edgenuity will no longer be used.