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College Resources

Embarking on the journey to college funding can be a maze of confusion. We have a few resources to help simplify the process. Remember, if you have any questions along the way, your school counselor is always here to help. Start your journey to funding education without the confusion!


Guide for the College-Bound student-Athlete

Paying for college

Scholarships and Money - funds for your future



20 Questions to Ask College Representatives

Whether you meet them at a college fair or on a campus visit, college reps genuinely enjoy talking to high school students and answering questions about their college. The following questions will help start a good dialogue.

1. What makes your college unique?

2. What academic programs is your college most known for?

3. How would you describe the kids that go there? Where do most of them come from?

4. Where do kids hang out on campus?

5. What happens on weekends—are there things to do on campus or in town, or do most kids go home?

6. Are fraternities and sororities a big part of campus life?

7. What are the housing options for freshmen?

8. Do many students live off campus?

9. Is there a sports complex or fitness center?

10. What are the most popular clubs and activities?

11. What’s the security like on campus?

12. What’s the surrounding area like? Is it easy to get around?

13. What are the most popular majors?

14. How would you describe the academic pressure and workload?

15. What support services are available (academic advisers, tutors, etc.)?

16. Do I need to bring my own computer?

17. What’s the faculty like? How accessible are they outside of class?

18. Are there opportunities for internships?

19. Is there job placement help for graduates?

20. Are there any big changes in the works that I should know about?

College Counseling Sourcebook, 7th Edition. © 2012 The College Board. All rights reserved. Permission is granted to copy this for educational purposes.