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Alive At 25

Students at the Steamboat Springs High School are required to complete the 4.5 hour Alive At 25 Defensive Driving Course if during their junior and senior years they wish to park a vehicle on campus, or apply for Open Campus privileges at lunch time.

The Alive At 25 Defensive driving class is a 4.5 hour program using instruction, discussion, and videos to introduce students to the problems young drivers might encounter and provide them with strategies to help them deal with those problems.  

This class meets the requirements of those new drivers at least 15.5 years of age who have not taken a formal driver's education class and want to apply for their Learner's Permit.   And some insurance companies will offer reduced rates for young drivers who have completed the class.

Students can register and pay the class fee online at, where they can also find class dates, times and locations, or by calling our Denver office at 720-269-4046.

Students who may need help with the class fee must contact instructor Dennis J. Hensen at, or 970-871-3685 before registering for a class in order to apply for funds provided by the Grand Futures, which will pay the class fee for students living in Routt County.

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